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Got Kansas Wines? Yes!

Porto do Sul co-owners Edson and Leonice Ludwig are fans of Somerset Ridge Winery, the largest vineyard and winery in Kansas! Somerset is a family-owned winery located in the rolling hills of Miami County, approximately 20 miles south of the Greater Kansas City area. 

The handcrafted, award winning wines are crafted from over 9,000 vines. After a field trip to the Louisburg, Kan., vineyard this summer, the Ludwigs discovered many wines they wanted to share with their diners.

Chardonel, $8 by the glass, $30 by the bottle

Rich like its parent grape Chardonnay, this extremely popular dry white has a crisp finish of pears and green apple. Excellent with fish, salads, cheese and other lighter fare.

Aphrodite, $8 by the glass, $30 by the bottle

A wonderful dry rose made in the spirit of the great pink wines of Southern France.

Flyboy Red, $9 by the glass, $35 by the bottle

Soft but flavorful blend of premium red grapes. Great for Merlot or Pinot Noir lovers.

Crimson Cabernet, $40 by the bottle only

Reserve dry red wine. Somerset Ridge was the first winery in the world to make wine from the groundbreaking Crimson Cabernet grape. Intense dark fruit and black currant flavors. Aged in new American oak barrels.

Oktoberfest, $9 by the glass, $35 by the bottle

Jefferson Cup Award Winner. Voted one of the top 20 wines in the country! This highly popular German-style white semisweet with a firm mineral finish. It's a holiday and year-round favorite.

Buffalo Blush, $8 by the glass, $25 by the bottle

Fruity with a touch of sweetness, this pink wine has a crisp finish that is very refreshing.

Buffalo Red, $8 by the glass, $30 by the bottle

A rich, flavorful semi-sweet red wine. Winner of Best Red Wine at the Kansas State Fair. Great with spicy foods or as a sangria.

Tawny Port, by the glass $10, $38 by the bottle

A traditional Port made from a blend of red and white grapes, fermented with brandy, then aged 5 years in oak barrels. Nutty, caramel and smoky flavors.