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Sizzling Hot Lunch Special: Porto 10-Cut!

The Porto 10-Cut is available everyday for $22.95. Enjoy our 10 cuts of succulent Brazilian barbecue meats cooked hot and fast. Meats are expertly carved table side by our gaucho chefs. The lunch menu comes with the Harvest Table, featuring 55 hot and cold dishes including feijoada, eggplant Parmesan and six-cheese mac n'cheese, as well as gluten-free cheese bread.

Cuts include: 

1. Picanha (the house specialty, the noble part of the top sirloin) 

2. Chicken drumsticks marinated in cognac and beer

3. Pork sausage

4. Ham and pineapple

5. Lamb

6. Pork ribs

7. Chicken wrapped in bacon

8. Beef wrapped in bacon

9. Bottom sirloin

10. Sirloin with garlic